Slinex RD-30 -indoor/outdoor panel

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First impression
Slinex RD-30 kit consists of a video outdoor panel and portable handset. It has laconic design and perfectly fits into almost any interior, from classic to modern. You should consider purchasing this kit, if your repair is already completed and you have no plans to resume it in the nearest future. As the kit is wireless, you do not have to use any additional cables to connect outdoor panel and handset.

Where to use
The RD-30 kit is ideal for installation in any room, regardless of its purpose. It can be either an apartment or an office building. The RD-30 harmoniously combines functionality, modern design, and affordable price.
The RD-30 has some distinctive features. Let's start with its power. The outdoor panel is powered by LR14 type "C" batteries (2 pieces), but, if needed, you can connect an external + 12V power supply. Handset has long life Li-ion battery charging from the base station.

The second feature is a video camera in the panel with angle 96º and ability to broadcast the video stream at resolution of 320×240. There is a color TFT LCD display on the handset with 2.4 inch screen (4:3 aspect ratio).

The outdoor panel has an internal memory of 100 snapshots, storing manual or automatic photos of your visitors. The handset can manage mechanical or electromagnetic lock. 

To ensure sufficient image clarity in the darkness, the panel is equipped with LED backligh.

Working range between outdoor panel and handset is about 150 m for the open area.
Operating temperature is from -20 to +55 ° C for outdoor panel and from -10 to +40 ° C for handset. Outdoor panel protection class is IP55.
The Slinex RD-30 is an excellent solution for those users who are thinking about buying the intercom system after repair has been completed.


Outdoor Panel

 2.4000 - 2.4835 GHz
Camera sensor type:
Sensor resolution:
 640х480 pixels
View angle (diagonal):
Night backlight:
white LED’s − 6 pcs.
Power adapter:
 12 V, 500 mA (optional)
 LR14 C (1.5 V) - 2 pcs
Working mode power consumption:
 6 W
Lock relay current:
Mounting type:
 Surface mount
 105×167×50 mm (4.1×6.6×2.0“)
Working temperature:
 –20 ... +55 ˚C (–4...131 ˚F)

Handset specification

 2.4” color TFT
Screen resolution: 
 320х240 pixels
Transmitting power:
 19 dBm
Outdoor panels quantity supported:
 2 pcs.
Charging power adapter:
 12 V, 500 mA
 BL-5C, 3.7 V, 1100 mAh (lithium battery)
Handset dimensions:
 53×188×26 mm (2.1×7.4×1.0“)
Charging device dimensions:
 80×95×104 mm (3.1×3.7×4.1“)
Working temperature:
 –10 ... +40 ˚C (14 ... +104 ˚F) 

Product Image