EV Charger - Etrel - G-HB1Y7CY20

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This model is a fuss-free EV charger that conveys the same design qualities as the INCH wall box family. It is good-looking, sturdy, and made from sustainable materials.

INCH Lite allows safe charging at home with built in electrical protection and simple Plug&Charge mode, while built-in cable holder keeps charging cable away, when not in use.

Thanks to its minimalistic approach and optional interactive upgrade, INCH Lite is built to outlast your EV – without the hefty price tag.

INCH Home smart mode charging utilises Artificial Intelligence and advanced Load Management technologies to prevent overloads of the home grid.

Locally produced energy from renewable sources such as Photovoltaics can be used for faster and more economical charging, resulting in more convenient, care-free and clean home charging.


  • Max charging power | 7,4 kW (1 x 32 A), 22 kW (3 x 32 A) adjustable
                                       | Type 2 socket (optional shutter) with cable lock

  • Level of protection | IP 56, IK 10
  • Electrical protection | DC fault current sensor 6 mA + RCD Type A or
  • RCD Type A EV or RCD Type B or MCB char. C

  • User identification | PIN code, RFID, app*, SMS*
  • Communication | Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 
  • EV communication | IEC 61851 supported, IEC 15118 ready
  • Connectivity | OCPP 1.6 SOAP & JSON, Modbus TCP
  • Load balancing | Yes, Dynamic Load Balancing with Load Guard
  • Clustering | Small cluster of 2 chargers
  • Energy meter | Class 2 energy meter, MID optional
  • Smart building integration | Yes, Modbus TCP

  • User interface | App* or embedded web interface
  • Material | Aluminium housing, Polycarbonate Lexan cover plate
  • Colour options | White, Graphite Grey
  •  | * when connected with a back-end system
  •  | UK OLEV approved

Product Image