Multifunctional Relay

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Multi-functional relay is designed to control motors of railway curtain, electric window, garage door and  garden irrigation devices by using mobile app. Multi-functional relay communicates with the smart hub and receive zigbee control signal. 


Size:  70*70*23mm(L*W*H)
Power supply:  AC100V~240V

Max load current:  5A
Working frequency:  2.4GHz

Wireless Transmit power:  20dBm
Static power consumption:  <0.1W

Wireless receiving sensitivity:  ≥-90dBm
Protocol:  ZigBee HA

Networking mode:  ZigBee automatic networking
Encryption:  AES128

Distance:  no limit
Working temperature:  -20~60°C
Working humidity:  ≤80%

Product Image