WallWand™ Z-wave Touch Panel

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WallWand ™ Z-wave Touch Panel
is an innovative smart panel providing customers interactive capabilities in an all in one, intuitive and easy to use interface home and room management.

WallWand ™ Z-wave Touch Panel is especially attractive to the professional sector of builders, architects, interior designers, engineers and integrators, for the ability to fuse advanced automation, design philosophy of interaction, and personal interior concept.

The WallWand™ Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays is an easy to use, attractive, glass smart panel designed to blend in with the décor of the location, allowing control of domestic electric systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, blinds, alarm and security, audio-visual and sound through an easy to use and easily configurable interface.
The ability to adapt the interface to customer requirements through a wide range of easy-to-install icons and backgrounds, as well as easily defined scenarios makes it highly attractive to building professionals, including builders, architects, interior designers, engineers, integrators and their partners in the building and home design industries.


  • Z-Wave Plus™, KNX, VRF
  • 150x94x72 mm
  • SPI 4MB
  • Touchscreen 5”
  • 110V/230V,

Product Image